Multiship and Issues with shipping costs not calculating

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I recently went over my shop's cart and discovered an issue with Multiship and I was wondering if anyone had any insight on fixes. I'm relatively new to using Shopify.

One of the issues found happens if a customer leaves the multiple addresses section to add another item to the cart. If the customer doesn't hit multiple addresses again in the cart and instead hits checkout, it will allow them to check out with only 1 shipping charge. The items themselves will show the different addresses for each item in the description of the item, but the shipping charges aren't included. There were a few orders last year around Christmas that this affected and I want to keep it from happening again this year.

I'm also trying to figure out a way to add gift notes to each order and mark the separate orders as gifts. Right now, only one gift notes option appears at the start of the process.

Anyone know any fixes? Or other apps to use?


Thanks for the help.

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Hi @sweetmaker 👋,

Tim here from Gist Apps, makers of both Multiship and Giftship.

First, I might recommend using Giftship instead of Multiship, as it has the multiple shipping address tool, plus much more, including a gift message tool that allows for the capturing of a message per shipping address.

In terms of the gap that you have found in the multiple shipping address checkout flow, this is common. When the multiple shipping address is triggered, and the customer then begins inputting data - exiting this process and then bypassing it to go straight to the checkout will cause an issue. Patching this gap will ensure that it works perfectly every time.

Here are some common issues:

And here is some information on gift messages, both how to set them up, and how to automate the printing of them!

Please let me know if you would like to go over anything here, or need any help with getting set up!

Our team is available at any time to help out!



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I just added GiftShip as an app to my store at

While going through and doing some testing. I ran into a few issues and have a few questions specifically around the collection of the gift message and the printing of packing slips.

1. I turned off MultiShip and turned on Giftship, but even though MultiShip is disabled, it is still appearing as the button option within the cart area. The GiftShip option doesn’t appear until I select ship to multiple address, then select the grayed out version of Ship to multiple address and go back to the checkout page and sometimes that doesn’t even work. I’m not sure where the glitch is happening.

2. I use ShipStation to ship and when the information from GiftShip is imported to ShipStation it only appears in the Notes to Buyer section.
Is there a way within Giftship to pre-emptively separate the different pieces of information. Separate out the delivery instructions from the gift message from the delivery date?
I know there is a quick guide about having the Notes to Buyer automatically appear when using ShipStation with GiftShip, I want to be able to separate the info that is being sent over so that my company has control of what prints on the labels.

3. Is there a way to change language in the checkout process for just multiple shipping orders. I.E. when it gets to the final part of checkout process where the customer is putting in their own shipping and payment information, I’m worried people may be confused and think they are shipping to themselves.

Any help is greatly appreciated, I’m trying to get this setup and functioning properly before the Christmas season really kicks into full swing.

Have a great day,