My client's credit card is declined with unknown reason

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I just started my first Shopify shop, luckily I got 1 purchase, but the payment was failed. I checked the payment history, it shows "do_not_honor" error code. I checked some of the old articles, many people got this error code but nobody gave a workable solution. My shop is Hong Kong based and the client is from Mexico, who pay with visa (Stripe)

I felt being scammed because I paid Shopify $29 USD/month and it returns "do_not_honor". All my expenses and preparations are wasted now... Do anybody also got this and had a solution in the end? Thanks a lot,

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Got the same issue. Have you resolved this?

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I got the same issue, did you find a solution?

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I got the same issue...very frustrated and very seriously as I have many many abandoned checkout due to visa card issue.  Do yours get solved?