My custom flat rate no longer works

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I have recently received emails from customers trying to place an order stating their address is invalid or cannot ship to the location. I looked into this and I am not sure if there has been an update/change on the system around the custom rate profile. It has been a year now since I have had this custom flat rate created for shipping for Canada only and all of a sudden it doesn't seem to work. I checked everything from the weight, the price of the shipping, and the product in this custom profile. I also have one profile that has Canada, US, and international with ALL my products and the selected rates. my Custom product profile just has one product because I am able to ship this in a slot box (Canada only). I have tried to delete the profile and only kept the initial profile with the USA, CAN, and international I did a test product to the cart and I immediately saw the shipping options. When I add re-added my custom profile rate for Canada only, I get the message this product cannot be shipped to this location. I am at a loss and this is not fair for customers who want flat-rate shipping under the 100g option. I appreciate your advice. I am wondering if it is because my product is in TWO profiles. both products were in the profiles and now it doesn't work.

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