My international shipping price are way too high

My international shipping price are way too high

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Someone tried to order an item, and the shipping was insane, over $120 for a small box.
I created the order manually then selected the shipping myself and the price was $19, which is what it should be.
But somehow for international customers they get a very high price.
Canada and US price are what they should be, so I assume I didnt set the intl shipping price correctly, but cant figure out where I went wrong.

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@Payne1 International shipping rates can skyrocket quickly based on factors like delivery speed, the destination address, special delivery services, and many more.. please make sure to check the carrier website for available shipping services and then configure the rates accordingly.. 

Can you tell me how you configured shipping rates, the carrier you are using, and the address combination for which you got $120?

$19 to $120 seems way too big of a difference..  

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