My store currency changed

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My store currency changed
Note that I have made a sale
The currency can be changed from the Saudi riyal to the UAE dirham

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Hey @MeGaSaudi 


If the currency in your store has changed from Saudi riyal to UAE dirham and you have already made a sale, there are a few steps you can take to address this situation:


  1. Review Store Settings: Go to your Shopify admin dashboard and navigate to "Settings" > "General" to check the currency settings. Ensure that the currency is set to the desired currency, which in this case would be UAE dirham.

  2. Check Payment Gateway Settings: Verify that your payment gateway settings align with the new currency. Different payment gateways have varying currency support, so make sure your chosen gateway supports UAE dirham as the currency for transactions.

  3. Communicate with the Customer: If a sale has already been made in Saudi riyal and the currency change occurred afterward, it's important to communicate with the customer. Inform them about the currency switch and address any potential discrepancies in pricing or payment processing.

  4. Adjust Pricing: If necessary, you may need to update the prices of your products to reflect the new currency. Take into account exchange rates and any rounding adjustments to ensure accurate pricing.

  5. Update Product Listings: Review and update your product listings to display prices in the new currency. Make sure that customers can clearly see the currency in which prices are listed to avoid confusion.

  6. Monitor Orders and Payments: Keep a close eye on new orders and payments to ensure they are processed correctly in the new currency. Double-check transaction amounts and currency conversions to avoid any issues or discrepancies.

  7. Notify Support Teams: If you have support teams or customer service representatives, inform them about the currency change so they can assist customers and answer any questions related to the new currency.

It's important to handle the currency change swiftly and transparently to maintain customer trust and avoid any confusion. If needed, consider reaching out to Shopify support or your payment gateway provider for additional assistance in managing the currency transition.


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Hey @MeGaSaudi.
Thanks for reaching out.
Just to gather some additional context, did you want to make changes to your online store's currency? I am just trying to get a better understanding of the situation.
Looking forward to your response. 

Ollie | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi @MeGaSaudi,


Follow these steps,


Scroll to the Store settings section.


  1. Click Store details.
  2. In the Store currency section, click Change formatting.
  3. In each of the fields, replace {{amount}} with the currency format that you want to use from the options table.
  4. Click Save. Like This,
  5. CassieDonnel_1-1685451313380.png


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