Need confirmation of steps for supplier fulfillment

Need confirmation of steps for supplier fulfillment

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We have created a new yard game, and still need to raise funds, etc, and do plan on using shopify when ready. We are trying to nail down the fulfillment process. Our U.S.-based manufacturer will be shipping directly to U.S. customers only, based off of the orders we get in Shopify.  Note we can't use Shopify Network shipping due to product going over limits. Also note we will have just one, totally unique item being sold, and will use UPS shipping (for example).  This is our understanding:

  1. We will obvious do the necessary setups to use OUR UPS account.
  2. We give 'Orders' access to the Mfg/Supplier(our 'staff', right?)
  3. Orders come in and get paid for
  4. Once per day, the Supplier logs in, accesses Orders, and can bulk 'Print Label & Packing Slip' up to 100 orders.
    1. There is no buying of labels from Shopify as Supplier will end up charging us for labels, correct?
    2. We believe Supplier can then mark the orders as fulfilled, but can they do that in bulk?  And if so, I guess they need to make sure they choose the right orders (I guess they can filter accordingly)?

So knowing that is the generic process, what Shopify fees do we have related to shipping, if any?
Thank you.

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