Need help integrating a payment button for Algerians using a local payment provider's API

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Dear community,


I hope you're all doing well. I'm reaching out to seek your expertise and valuable insights to address an integration challenge on my online store.


I'm currently working on a Shopify store targeting the Algerian market, and I want to integrate a payment button into the cart drawer that corresponds to the most commonly used payment methods in Algeria. For this, I prefer to use the API of an Algerian payment provider.


I would like to know the exact steps to carry out this integration. Specifically, I'm wondering:

  1. How can I integrate a specific payment button for Algerians into my Shopify store's cart drawer?
  2. Is there any documentation or a detailed guide I can follow to successfully complete this integration?
  3. Are there any specific regulatory or security considerations I should be aware of for payments in Algeria?

I'm open to any suggestions, tips, and firsthand experiences you may have to share. My goal is to make payments as easy as possible for our Algerian customers and to ensure a smooth shopping experience.

Thank you in advance for your valuable assistance. If you have knowledge or experiences to share, I'm eager to learn from them.


Best regards,


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