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Need help regarding API for warehousing vendor

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Hi Shopify Experts,

I am soon launching my Shopify store which is

Our warehousing vendor is required to integrate their software into our website so that they can automatically get update about the new orders / replacement / returns and they can arrange for shipping as well. For this, they need Shopify API and I have no clue from where I can get the required API so that our warehousing vendor can integrate their software in our website.

I am in a real bad situation and I hope someone can help with this.

Look forward to receiving help soon. 


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You can get the Shopify API information from this link 

Does you warehousing vendor already have a Shopify connector?

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Hi Freddy,

Thanks for providing that link with more info. 

I need to ask my vendor if they have a Shopify connector (in fact, I don't what is that so I expect my vendor know).

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Hi Mo Fei,

My name is Marvin and I am a representative for DPTL, LLC. I am glad to hear you found a warehouse vendor to help you with order fulfillment. If you find yourself unhappy with their service or would like to compare rates, we are a full service, family owned 3PL that can provide services such as nationwide transportation, secure storage, inventory management, pick and pack, and order fulfillment at a very competitive rate. We can cater to any business, small or large. Please feel free to reach out to me for pricing and more information.

Marvin Sanchez


DPTL LLC Marvin Sanchez Office: 562 991 4402 e: