Need Help with Customer Account Setup - School Order Option

Need Help with Customer Account Setup - School Order Option

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Hi everyone,


I need some assistance with setting up customer accounts on my Shopify store. Specifically, I want to add an option during account creation for customers to indicate if they are ordering for a school. For these customers, the shipping fee should be waived.

Has anyone done something similar or can provide guidance on how to implement this feature? Any help or pointers to the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

Best regards,



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Hi @SelimOenel ,


Seems you have both type of products school and non school.


You can create automatic discount from admin which will give shipping free to all school products based on tag, collection or selected list of products.


the only issue is if user added both type of product automatic discount will not work.



any idea how to handle this situation?

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