Need help with shipping/billing address at checkout

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I'm setting up a site a lot like a florist where a user would purchase a gift and ship it to somebody else.

At the moment I have it set up so the shipping address and billing address are always required separately.

1) First of all, do I need to have 'billing address' at all or can that somehow be disabled or hidden?

2) Can I stop the auto fill that puts the persons name from the shipping address into the credit card name?

3) Can I hide or disable the 'use a different billing address' checkbox and shipping address that appears at the top of the billing address details?

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Hey Rod!

MC here from the Shopify Guru team - Thanks for posting!

The billing address fields are required since we use it for security reasons for online credit card transactions. The billing address is used to match the address on file with the credit card provider. For that reason, you wouldn't be able to disable the "use a different billing address" field, since the billing address is very often different than the shipping address.

As far as the auto-fill goes, that is enabled by the customer's browser and saved cache, so I'm afraid we wouldn't be able to disable that.

Hope this helps - Let me know if you have any questions!

MC Léveillé | Shopify Guru 



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I am also struggling with the layout of Shopify checkout for my gift business.  Many of my customers are sending their orders as gifts and the way it is currently set up is extremely asks for the customer's email address, then the shipping address.  The phone number that is required is the SHIPPING phone number, but the phone number I need is the customer's phone number in case there is a problem with their order, I do not want to be calling the gift recipient!  Then they get to the second screen and it pre-populates the credit card information with the name from the shipping address, which is very confusing to the customer.  You don't get to the part for entering a seperate billing address until AFTER you enter the credit card info...this is just not logical to me at all.  My old site has them enter their billing address and customer info first, then the shipping address if it is different, which makes a LOT more sense.  I am very much hoping that some option will be given in the future to switch the order of the billing and shipping addresses as this layout is just not logical for people with gift businesses.  

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I also have this issue. It's becoming a real problem because customers are confused at the terminology since our site is also a gift-giving site where the recipient is almost never the purchaser/customer. How to address this? Critical for us.

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Hi Shopify

I posted this issue about three months ago and have had no response. The population of the credit card name field is just illogical for any business where the purchaser is not the receiver of the product. The other issue raised in this post about the billing and shipping address is equally valid. PLEASE Shopify help out all those customers who operate a florist, gift business, etc where the purchaser is rarely the receiver of the product.

I await your reply.


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I run a cake business and am desperately trying to find a solution to exactly the same problem my 4 fellow Shopify users are complaining of above. 

Any help would be much appreciated Shopify!

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Uh-oh. I am trying to launch my "gift product" and am just starting to research this issue. Has anyone had success, through Shopify or a bolt-on app?



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I am in the same boat....anyone have a solution for separate billing and shipping addresses? 

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Is there a way for me to send an invoice to a customer and have them fill out their own billing address when they get the invoice? In my initial business with the customer, I have no need or reason to ask for their billing address and it seems cumbersome that they cannot provide that themselves at the time of checkout. 


Also, is there any other way to calculate tax than with a billing zip code? As I do not know my customers billing zip code if I put the zipcode in of the store it often does not match their billing zip code and then they are not able to complete their invoice.


thanks for your help!