Need to Hide Carrier-Calculated Delivery Dates!

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Hi everyone 😅


Firstly - I'm using the free Debutify theme-


I'm at a loss trying to resolve how to hide delivery dates from auto-calculated carrier rates at checkout such as UPS Ground, and I really need some help! This issue is causing serious discrepancies between my company's delivery statements and what the checkout is saying. I need the auto-calculated rates to work in order for the customers and our office to pay about the same in shipping costs. To mitigate false expectations about delivery times, I've been using flat rates on the website named "Economy: Estimated delivery 2-4 weeks" but this is very detrimental to everyone because the actual shipping costs are much lower or much higher according to the shipping destination and the type of product.


The products my company makes are made-to-order and delivered over 2-4 weeks or longer, there is no inventory to pull from to accommodate what UPS Ground is saying at the checkout of 1-7 days. Again, I have tried to have my team use custom flat rates to resolve this issue temporarily by inputting the name of the rate "Economy: Estimated 2-4 weeks delivery time), but the issue is that flat rates are often too high or too low and are costing the company hundred's of dollars to compensate for!


I WANT to use the auto-calculated rates from UPS Ground for customers to select at checkout without them getting a contradictory delivery statement from the checkout page (note: the product pages DO say the estimated manufacturing and delivery time - but this could be easily overlooked and cause people not to take us seriously). It is very incohesive and poor presentation/professionalism to have UPS ground saying they're products will arrive in 1-7 days, but also for our flat rates to be very difficult and cumbersome and inaccurate to configure for every region in the USA or other countries!


I have already turned OFF "Expected delivery dates", but they are still showing! This isn't right and I'm very annoyed about it.


I have been testing this, on state-local delivery's only for the moment, and here are two screenshots:


See that the setting is off:



And that the estimated delivery is STILL showing anyway:



I would be grateful for help with this issue! It is a pretty desperate problem affecting my team's working relationship with a client and I have been trying to delegate to my marketing / development team to fix this but they aren't able to/don't know how due to a lack of experience with Shopify, so I'm trying to see if I can get support to resolve it on my own this week. 


Thank you for your consideration! 🙏

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Hi @lifetimerint,


As per our knowledge of Shopify Shipping, it currently does not provide an option to add buffer time to the estimated delivery date. However, you can explore alternative solutions such as apps like PH MultiCarrier Shipping Label app. These apps offer the functionality to include buffer times, allowing you to display carrier-calculated rates and provide more accurate estimated delivery dates to your customers.

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Would love to know if you've found solutions to this as I'm experiencing the same issue!