Need to sell only to local delivery area but site continues to sell everywhere

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Under shipping, I have added a list of postcodes to the local delivery area within the Perth metro area of Western Australia. This is the only area I can to sell to. I am unable to sell to the remainder of WA. However,  anyone in Australia can still buy and be charged the same Perth Metro shipping price.  The first advisor told me it was a theme issue. The theme people said it wasn't. The second chat person said they would create a ticket. I never heard back. The third person said they would get a higher up person to look at it and they came back with an answer that I had already tried (and had explained previously) that still didn't work. I have literally been trying to solve this problem for now over 7 days, chatting for hours repeating myself over and over.  Could I have a glitch maybe? because no one seems to be able to help. And how do get a hold of someone who can actually fix this?  

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Hi there

I can't find your message on Shopify. Can you receive this message?
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I'm only looking for Shopify support as I am unable to pay someone to do
this for me. Hope that's ok
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Hi @Sinso 

This is Mike from Omega

If you want to limit customer on some specific areas, you can use an app which allow you set up which postcode can be delivered and prevent customers checkout before they enter a valid postcode.

You can try our app DingDoong: Delivery + Pickup

Hope my answer will help you

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Hi @Sinso,


Clemency from Zapiet here - we create apps for Shopify. I spotted your question and wanted to help out!


It sounds like you may have both Shopify Local delivery and Shipping enabled. From your description "Under shipping, I have added a list of postcodes..." it sounds like you've added this list of postcodes into your Shopify settings > Shipping & delivery > Local delivery settings. If customers from all over Australia can check out though, you may also have Shipping zones set up. 


If you do not offer shipping, then you may wish to disable your shipping zones. It sounds like you have an Australian shipping zone set up, so once that is disabled, only customers in your Local delivery area will be able to checkout.  


As Shopify does not provide shipping zone information in advance to customers, any customers who try to check out in other parts of the country will get to checkout, and see an error message, and may get frustrated and contact you. 




You may be interested in an app that can screen your customers pre-checkout. Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery is an app that is added to your cart page where customers can select from the checkout methods you offer (e.g. local delivery, pickup, or shipping) and add their address to see if they are eligible for local delivery. If they are eligible, you will also have the option of a calendar, so customers can choose their delivery date/time, opening up your business to future orders as well 🙂


We offer a 14-day free trial, live support and set-up calls to help you to configure the app to your needs so you can give it a try 🙂