need tracking info sent to customer as soon as shipping label is purchased

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I have been using Shippo, but I recently switched to using Shopify to purchase USPS labels.  Shippo automatically sent my customer tracking info regardless of the shipping date.  Shopify waits until the day the package goes out in the mail to send the tracking info.  This is stupid in my opinion, because customers want to know someone has actually packaged their order and they want to have the ability to check up on it ASAP.  Is there any way I can make Shopify send the tracking info as soon as I purchase the label? Just leave the shipping date as 'today' for every order? Or will Shopify tell my customer it is shipping today if I do that?  

I'm guessing Shopify will, because Shopify makes everything difficult.  I'm still not even getting paid for shipping half the time because Shopify won't fix the issue half of us have where the shipping rate isn't even applied to the order.  BUT if anyone can help me with the tracking info situation it'd be nice.  Other wise I will just switch back to Shippo.  

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With Shopify, you can send tracking information only after the order is marked fulfilled, otherwise, it is not possible to send it beforehand. However, if you are in the US and using FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL carrier services Shopify sends In transit, Out for Delivery, and Delivered emails.


But if you are looking for other carriers as well you have to go for a shipment tracking solution.

You can check some of them here.

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When you buy the label, the order is marked fulfilled.  Yet the tracking info is not sent until the day of shipment.  Did you even read my original post.




I don't even know why I ask questions here anymore.  Zero help every single time.