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New Seller//Potential Fraud in First Order

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Hey everyone, I just received my first ever order for my new store but Shopify is showing a potentially high rate of fraud. The order was placed from Arizona but is being shipped to a building in Miami registered under an import company. The buyer is also using the name "Mirtha Doe". I so badly want this to be a legitimate purchase but it's throwing a lot of red flags. 


Any advice would be appreciated thank you

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Hey @LoneWolf1557,

Welcome to the Shopify Community! 

Determining whether or not you want to proceed with orders like this will be an important part of doing business online, so I'd like to share some information and processes you can use here to make the most informed decision possible.

Firstly, you can learn more about the built-in fraud analysis tools in the admin below:

  • Fraud Analysis Guide - check this out so you can best understand the information being presented to you for your orders.

From previous experience, I have found calling the customer to always be an effective option! You can also use a service such as to make sure the phone number is located in the same area code as the billing address. Fraudulent customers often use invalid phone numbers. If someone answers the phone, then ask them some simple questions about their order and see how they respond. Do they know the addresses, phone numbers, email, and names they used? Are they struggling to give you simple pieces of information? Calling the customer is just one of a number of fraud prevention options available to you.

Part of the reason why you will want to guard against potentially fraudulent orders is to avoid having to deal with a chargeback. This happens when a customer disputes a charge on their card, often as a result of it having been used fraudulently.

I have found another community post that was written to help advise you, on what to do if you get a possible fraudulent order that looks to almost be okay:

Check out all the info above, consider which fraud prevention steps you might like to try, and then come to an informed decision about how you wish to proceed for your store.

By the way, congratulations on your first order! Have you heard about the Shopify Blog? It is such a good resource for you and your business no matter where you are with your store. As you have just recently launched your store I've got some great recommendations below:

Write Product Descriptions That Persuade

  • How to optimize your product page for increased sales

The 39-Point Store Trust Checklist

  • Work through a checklist to make sure your store is trusted by potential customers.

  • Look at the "nice to haves" vs "must-haves" in your store.

  • Do you have essential information for your customers to view, like policies?

Moira | Social Care @ Shopify
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