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Dear Shopify merchants,
We're very glad to introduce Sift, a digital trust & safety platform, which has recently launched a new fraud filter on the Shopify app store.
Sift helps Shopify merchants grow revenue by accepting more orders while blocking fraudulent transactions and avoiding chargebacks. 
How does Sift work?
By activating protection using the Sift app, Shopify merchants can:
  • Accept more orders: Sift’s accuracy reduces false positives, so merchants can increase conversion and build customer loyalty.
  • Stop chargebacks: An ensemble of real-time machine learning models deliver unparalleled accuracy, so businesses can reduce fraud by 80% or more.
  • Reduce manual review: Machine learning adapts to new fraud patterns in real time, stopping fraud automatically and reducing the need for manual review, even as attack patterns change.
  • Get up and running quickly: With no code required, Sift’s app unlocks instant access to the leading Digital Trust & Safety platform.
Sift's new Shopify app enables a completely turnkey integration - feel free to download our app and see how Sift can help you accept more orders, block fraudulent transactions, and grow revenue.
You can get more details about our fraud filter on our website at on the Shopify app store
Please feel free to contact us for a demo, pricing details, or any other questions at 
Sift Team
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