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Newbie Shipping Issues

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Hi there. I'm moving over from etsy and I'm finding the shipping system to be frustrating here. Hoping someone has some solutions for me.

I primarily sell stickers and enamel pins. The thing is, stickers ship in a flat mailer that's several dollars cheaper than the mailers used for pins. However, when these items are combined, they're sent in the pin mailer of course. My trouble is that the shipping profiles options are not at all useful for my needs from what I can see. I need to be able to attach certain packaging types to specific items or groups of items so people are charged appropriately for shipping! Shopify says it just goes with a default packaging size, and that doesn't work for me because I don't want someone paying $3.50 to send out a $1.20 flat mailer for a sticker.

It sounds like making my own rates rather than calculated rates would be best, but I'm afraid that combined items will end up being some ridiculous sum that doesn't at all reflect the actual shipping charge for the customer. 

I'm used to etsy, where every item has options for you to put the weight and packaging dimensions. I'm frustrated to tears trying to figure out this system. Am I going about it wrong somehow?

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As you have mentioned, Shopify only allows you to set up a default box and it doesn't work for merchants having products with different dimensions. I would suggest you try the Multi Carrier Shipping Label app, that helps you handle this with ease. With the box packing method in the app, you can set up different packages for your products based on the weight & dimensions.

So, whenever your customer places an order, the app automatically chooses the right box and calculates the rates accordingly. Also, with the app, you can print labels, and also automate the tracking process. 

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