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No More UPS "On Call" Pickup Option!

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On Monday, the ability to schedule a same day "On Call" pickup with UPS stopped working.  Not a word from Shopify.  It just stopped working.  After 4 days of being ignored and lied to by Shopify Support, I was finally told that it was a mistake/error that it was ever offered to begin with.  I was told that it never should have been an option.

So now, we can't print a UPS label in the morning and have them pick it up in the afternoon if we use Shopify to print our shipping labels directly from the Order Page.  Shopify would apparently have to pay UPS more money to make this feature available to us, but like most everything else, they won't do it.  That's why most of us have to pay for apps to make simple things work with our stores.

So, having said all of that, can anyone recommend a shipping solution that offers UPS "On Call"  and has rates comparable to what Shopify charges?  Mainly just USPS and UPS.


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