No order notification is sent when using ClickFunnels + Shopify Integration. Doesn't make sense....

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Orders that are successfully purchased via Click Funnels are successfully sent to Shopify and show up on the order page, just as if a purchased was made directly from the website. 


However, when a purchased is made via Click Funnels, the order confirmation from Shopify does not send. 


I've read that Shopify says they don't handle third-party app support and that I should talk with Click Funnels BUT if the order is successfully sent to Shopify, and shows up in the orders, isn't it now Shopify's responsibility to send the order confirmation email? 


This doesn't seem like a third-party issue because since the order shows up on the order page (in Shopify) that Shopify would recognize that and send the order confirmation. You would think the order confirmation triggers any time it sees and an order placed in the system.


Does anyone have a solution to this or can further explain why Shopify won't send order confirmation when a purchased is successfully made off the website?



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Is there an integration that's uploading the tracking details to Shopify or are you manually loading the tracking details into the Shopify order after the pick, pack and ship? This will be essential if you're pulling the tracking details from the back end of Shopify to trigger tracking emails on a target application. 


I'm not sure this is a Shopify issue, but more of an integration issue.  If the integration is set up to use Webhooks, then it should be set up to receive the data on a trigger event. If you're using APIs to receive the data, then the integration needs to interact with the API in order to receive the needed data. Either way, it's the integration that sounds like it's failing.  The failure may also be happening when the data is being pushed into Clickfunnels APIs - again an integration issue. 


I'd suggest contacting whoever built the integration (likely Clickfunnels) to diagnoses the problem and figure out a solution to your integration issue. 



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We recently installed Arigato and setup the emails to trigger from their service. It doesn't make sense that it's not supported but we understand its because Click Funnels orders are imported and which isnt supported by Shopify.