No Payouts, No Answers. It's Been a Week!

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It's been a week now and no payouts. Crazy part is I don't have a hold in my account, no documents requested, nothing. Payouts just stop being in transit a week ago. I have talk to so many reps and no one has the authority to fix the issue. I talked to someone from the risk department who told me I have to wait until they hear back from their banking partners because they are trying to fix the issue. Why is it taking so long and why are they not prioritizing this? I wonder how their business would be affected if they went a week with no sales.

This has forced me to stop advertising because I don't want to keep paying for sales if I don't know when I will be paid. Been on the platform for a year. I make consistent sales and never had this issue before. It would be nice if someone can give me a real answer as to: 1. Why this happened? 2. When it will be fixed? At this point I don't know where I stand. Will it take a few more days? or a few more weeks? No one is answering the questions that I deserve to know. Is that too much to ask?

It's bad enough that this is happening but at least if someone was answering the simple questions it would make the process a little easier to deal with so that I can plan what to do next. Shopify has left me feeling stranded and clueless with no control over my own business that I've worked so hard for!

Shopify always suggest merchants to give good customer service, be clear with customers, offer fast shipping, let customers know when there's an issue and let them know how you plan to fix it..........right? So why aren't you all doing the same?

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