No refund after 8 business days on a cancelled order within 3 hours

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Order #4063

For store PSSL prosound and stage lighting

Purchased on July 16th 5PM cancelled by merchant July 16th 9PM due to not having item


Cleared my bank next day. Should never have been charged by shopify when merchant did not confirm ready to ship.

It is now july 27 and shopify has not returned the money that should never have been charged. Causing severe issues. 

This is a large charge and you are delaying my funds you had no reason to charge for. The pending could have been reversed, not holding my funds captive for over a week . But your system processes it swiftly. Very poor unethical practice. As well as a legal issue.

Clear this matter today with JSC federal credit union who is monitoring the issue. Docs sent to them, issue verified with prosound.




 refund confirmation from prosound.



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