No USPS First Class International to Australia?

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So my customers from Australia are able to place orders, checking out with USPS First Class International shipping thru Shopify. When I try to process the shipping label, I get a generic error. So I try to process thru, and I receive the following error message:


I actually tried Priority, which is way more expensive, and it still won't process the order through Shopify.  If USPS has suspended service, why does Shopify allow the customer to place the order using USPS First Class International shipping? I am having to contact customers and essentially cancel their orders because I cannot ship to them without charging huge fees for using UPS or other carriers. Has anyone else experienced this and possibly come up with a workaround?



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same problem here

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Yes I am experiencing this and it is a pain for sure!

I go to my paypal account and put in the customers shipping info and buy a label there in usps first class international and it works that way for now.

I hope shopifu adds it back.

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I received this from

In addition to the recent suspension of First Class Package International for shipments to Australia, USPS will suspend Priority Mail International as well, starting September 17, 2021. All shipments via these services will be returned to sender .

Thanks to's strong partnerships, we've got you covered. If you have a shipment you need to send to Australia during this time, we recommend the following :

  • GlobalPost International Standard - GlobalPost uses a network of postal carriers, which provides a similar service to First Class Package International Service , often at lower rates . GlobalPost Standard shipments can easily be tracked via our shipment confirmation email or by visiting or the website. Learn More
  • UPS - When shipping UPS through you get discounted rates up to 76% off international shipping , with no peak surcharge. UPS has a variety of options for merchants looking for end-to-end tracking updates for online marketplaces such as Amazon & eBay. Learn More
  • USPS Priority Mail Express International - While more expensive than First-Class and Priority Mail , this service is currently still available for USPS delivery to Australia.
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Yes, this is BS. Shopify shouldn’t let our customers complete the purchase. We are having to cancel each order and explain to the alienated customer that our platform isn’t up to speed. And I’m getting dinged from PayPal.