Nobody reaching checkout

Nobody reaching checkout

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I’m having an issue with my store that I can not figure out. My traffic is still the same as it always was but no sales.

For the last several months, I would have at least 1-4 abandoning checkout per day and around 1-3 sales per week (high ticket) . However suddenly for the last 3 weeks not a single person has reached checkout or abandoned cart. Ive attempted to add a product to my basket and fill out delivery address, phone number etc. All of Checkout seems to be working fine. 
Has anyone had a similar issue?

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Hi @Markkid25 !


You might want to try other method or more ways to increase your sales. I highly suggest that you check these articles out to know more: How To Increase Sales: 13 Techniques To Make More Money Online and How to Increase Conversion Rate: 20 Advanced Strategies (2024)

Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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