Nonprofit who wants to ship gifts to our sponsors

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Hello there,

I'm new and could use some help. I have no experience with Shopify or fulfillment services in general. I am not a part of a business, but a nonprofit organization. We host an annual Thanksgiving Day run every year, and we want to give a thank you gift for our sponsors. My colleague and I would like to give our custom Yeti cups with our logo and we're trying to figure out the logistics of not only designing it (that I can do as a graphic designer) but getting those cups shipped directly to our sponsors' addresses using Shopify or other fullfilment services.


Would anyone help me in this regard? Please let me know.

Thank you!

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Hi Hpadilla,

I work for a company (Atomix) that could definitely help answer any questions, and if we're the right fit, would love to work with you!

Feel free to check out our site and "request a quote" at any point. You'll receive an email with details on how best to proceed!

If it's more convenient, you can always shoot me an email at PS once we get started we set all of our brand partners on individual slack accounts so we can communicate as quickly as possible with you 24/7!

Looking forward to hearing from you and best of luck on finding a partner!