Not able to mark order as 'fulfilled'

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Dear ladies and gentlemen,


I am having issues with marking an order as fulfilled.

Yes, the order is older than 60 days so I am not able to edit it anymore (which is super stupid - don't understand this function).

But since the order was fulfilled & also delivered I need to mark it as fulfilled. It was marked as 'fulfillment in progress' for over 60 days due to the print providers app.  (print on demand)


I just noticed that it still did not switch to delivered / fulfilled even though it has been delivered.

Do you have any suggestions for this issue ?


Best regards 🖤

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Assuming the order is complete, and you just want to clear it, you can do this:

1) On order details page click More actions

2) Click Archive

That will close out the order so it's no longer an "open" order.

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