Notifications to staff based on custom events

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Happy Friday, all.  I'm trying to create a couple different notifications that will go to store staff when certain criteria are met with the status of an order.  I dug through the Notifications documentation and, as far as I can tell, that system is intended to be customer-facing and not really geared toward helping owners manage and react to the status of an order.  I also didn't see how the notification triggers could be user-defined.


We dropship a significant amount of our business via 3 different wholesalers.  We provide pre-paid shipping labels to these wholesalers because we save around 50% via our carrier rates compared to theirs.  So, we currently submit orders to the wholesaler, the wholesaler preps the shipment, sends us the package weight and dims which we use to generate the shipping label, which is (finally) emailed back to the wholesaler for final shipment.

We're running into a problem at our current volume where orders have been submitted to the wholesaler and, for whatever reason, the wholesaler has failed to send us the package weight and dims in a timely fashion causing a delay in order fulfillment.  It's not practical (or very reliable) to manually check all pending orders in Orders for obvious reasons.  To keep these orders from falling through the cracks, I want the system to tell our staff when an order=Unfullfilled after Order Date + (x)Days.  

I have to imagine that there is baked-in functionality to accomplish this, so I thought I'd check in here before diving into coding a solution.  Many thanks for any insight.

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