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Notifying customers of dispatch

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Hi everyone. 

My question is about notifying customers of dispatch (or shipping), does anyone know if you mark orders as shipped in bulk, are your customers notified of dispatch?

Because Shopify does not have the ability to select a default carrier ( a major omission that needs rectifying as soon as possible), we usually mark each order as dispatched manually. On the orders page I see that when we notify a customer of dispatch, there is a check box labelled "Notify customer of shipment - Send shipment details to your customer now".

However, having to mark each order as dispatched manually is a chore when there are a lot of orders. I notice that we can select orders and mark them dispatched in bulk using the checkboxes. Doing it this way there is no option to select a carrier, but my question is this:

Are customers notified of dispatch when we use the bulk option?

The reason I ask this is that the "Notify customer of shipment" checkbox is not available when marking items as dispatched/shipped in bulk, so I have no idea if customers are being notified of dispatch or not, which is obviously quite important information to the customer. 

If anyone knows it would be useful, we'll only use it then if it's really busy. 

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Hello @coolcity !


In the Shopify app store you can install "Smart Order Notfication App" there is an option for bulk order notification in shape CSV file upload.


Hope this helps!



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Thanks, appreciate the option but it's going to be too fiddly to upload a CSV file every date, additionally I'm trying to reduce the number of apps in use as every one potentially slows down the site. 

I've since been told that when you select multiple orders and click on "Fulfill orders", there's a popup that includes the "Send Notification to customer" checkbox, but I don't see it. Maybe it's not on the UK version.