Numerous errors on a single order; no way to report to actual Shopify as a store owner

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I had a customer buy two products from me and the Shopify sale is completely wrong...


1. One of my products is $18.95 on my website, but was sold for ~25% off at $14.21 for no apparent reason. I have no 25% discounts, no discounts were shown on the order, and there's no apparent reason for this. Ironically, there is a 10% discount available for the other product on the sale, but the customer didn't apply that to the order.


2. I charge a base amount of $6.50 for all domestic shipping for orders under $100. For some reason, Shopify doubled this to $13.00. Shopify has never charged anyone anything other than $6.50 or $0 before. No idea why they suddenly charged an extra amount. I have two different shipping origin locations, but the order shows that it would all be fulfilled from one location.


In total, the customer was over-charged $1.76 which I will apply to the customer, but this type of mistake I can't have happen again. Especially because I have no idea why this happened.


Does anyone know how to actually contact Shopify? I could do it if I was the customer, but when I go to the contact page and try to report this, the fact that the sale URL email (which is the customer's) doesn't match mine (the business owner) won't allow me to submit.

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