One Shopify Shop = Shop in Shop = Generate 2 Invoices on Checkout based on Department

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Dear Experts, 

I would be very thankful for advice how to solve this problem: 

We have one Retail Store but with two departments which are legally seperated (like a shop in shop concept). For example the retail store is called "Trump Clothing and Shoes" and one legal entity is "Trump Clothing" and one is "Trump Shoes".  Important is, that both are legally different in one physical reatail store... 

What we would like to do is, open one Shop in Shopify and list both shoes and clothing. Now if some buys: 
1.) Only Clothing = The invoice address should state "Trump Colthing" 
2.) Only Shoes = The invoice address should state "Trump Shoes"
3.) Clothing and Shoes = TWO invoices should be generated, one for all shoes items and one for all clothing items

Is this supported in Shopify itself? If not, how could this be solved otherwise? Are there any Apps that support this? (What is NOT our goal, to open two different shopify stores, as it has lots of disadvantages.)

Thanks very much for advice!

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Shopify cannot because when it comes to bank statements the merchant of record etc will show only the main entity.


If you need to literally keep these legally disentangled you need two stores what the goal is irrelevant if not based in reality, the goal needs to be what is possible and should be done.

With two stores for the the online sales channel  either use the buy-buttons features to embed one store in the other for sepearte checkouts or apis to generate orders. Or  thestorefront api to have one storefront not using the online-sales channel. Along with automation services, or apps to sync things like inventory.


Note that order or invoice get ambiguously used and may or may not be the same and neither are the same thing as a checkout.  So even then with two stores unless the customer goes through two checkouts they may only end up seeing one store in their billing docs.


If you don't care about the end documentation a customer may receive such as from their bank then yes you can do this through customizing notification templates, etc.

For the dual invoices you'll need an app like mechanic to build an order  creation/edit process. 



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Shopify itself doesn't directly support the splitting of orders into multiple invoices based on product type. However, there are apps available in the App Store that allow for order splitting based on certain criteria. While they may not be designed specifically for your use case, some might be flexible enough to meet your needs.


This could fit your needs: SplitOrder - Automatically split and route orders by item or rule | Shopify App Store

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