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Does anyone know if Opayo Sagepay is still supported on Shopify. There used to be Sagepay forms but this as far as I can tell is no longer available. I spoke to Shopify and they were vague saying if its not in the list its not available. Opayo are also very vague, anyone know please ?

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i have same issue, apparently shopify removed this option but then oapyo also known as sage pay requested they/shopify reinstate it, the trick is you got to ask their payments team to make it available to you again, ive been trying for a week and thus fr no luck as it seems the are reluctant to do so.

chase shopify support tell them to make it available to you on your account.

i was told this by opayo technical support.

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I also want to integrate Opayo into my shop, however, I previously tried Worldpay and was told by Worldpay that Shopify is blocking third-party payment providers using their platform so that people use Shopify Payments.

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I was told by our contact at Opayo that a new payment plugin was being developed, it was originally due for release at the end of January, the date set for the expiry of our current SagePay/Opayo plugin is now Feb 29th - which suggests to me that they are having difficulties getting sign off on the new plugin.  I do hope that they will continue to offer this option as our procedures are so embedded in our current way of working.