Optimizing Shipping Zones: Troubleshooting Mixed-Cart Checkout

Optimizing Shipping Zones: Troubleshooting Mixed-Cart Checkout

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Hello. I am trying to set up separate shipping zones for specific items. There is one product for sale that can only be sent overnight. This zone is working properly at checkout when it is just the single product. The second and third zone are products that will be shipped USPS priority. Also working properly when it is the single item.


When I add an item from the second or third zone to the first zone; checkout does not give me the overnight option, just "2 business days" which it is pulling from USPS. The goal is that if you have an overnight item in your cart and added a standard item, it would only offer overnight shipping as an option. 

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It is not possible. However, you can explore the possibilities of combining shipping rates here.

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It is not possible to do this natively because of the way Shopify handles combining of products from different profiles. One possible approach could be to use a third party app like ShipMagic to handle shipping rates for various scenarios of different combination of products in cart.

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Hi @SRG-ILS - This looks like a use case that can't be handled within Shopify. If you're open to trying a 3rd party app, at ShipperHQ we have solved hundreds of unique shipping challenges. You can take a free trial here.