Options for 19+ signature no longer available?

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With the most recent shopify shipping updates they've for some reason changed the fulfillment process where I can no longer click the tick box for 19+ signature on the label for the extra $3 with Canada Post (or any shipping provider). This is a huge headache as we sell wine but I'd imagine this is a problem for any alcohol or regulated product. Any help with this would be massively appreciated

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Hi @HaliWine,

I'm sorry to hear that you're having issues with the new Shopify shipping updates. The new changes may have affected how you previously added the 19+ signature option to your Canada Post labels. Shopify support can provide assistance in navigating the new shipping updates and help you determine if there is a new way to add the 19+ signature option to your Canada Post labels.


However, if you are open to using shipping solutions that offer advanced shipping features, including the ability to add the 19+ signature option to your Canada Post labels. then you might like to consider checking out the PH Multicarrier Shipping Label App.  With seamless integration with Shopify, this app streamlines your shipping process from start to finish, including handling rates, labels, pickups, manifests, and tracking. 


I hope these suggestions help you find a solution. Feel free to reach out for any queries or concerns!

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