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Hi All,

We had a requirement to intiate order cancellation at shopify end .   Once the customer clicks on Cancel button  , it should a make a call to ERP system to check if order is moved to certain point in Fullfilment , based on the response then only need to cancel the order or it should show a error message saying order cannot be cancelled . 

want to check how to implement this functionality .. if any one has done this kind of functioanlity please share the details .  Is any app is available  to fulfil this requirement ? If no App is available what is kind of customization has to be done ... We are using Warehouse theme .

Thanks in Advance ..

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Hi Vinod,

I have made an app for customer to cancel order, the app name is cancellable : https://apps.shopify.com/cancellable

The app allows customer to cancel order on the order status page like this : 

Customer cannot cancel if the order is marked as fulfilled (You can mark the order as fulfilled in the Shopify Admin) , it doesn't interact with external ERP unfortunately.

Hope this helps!



Spent too much support time dealing with order cancellation request from customer? Wouldn't it be good if customer can cancel order on their own without bugging your support? Try out Cancellable app! https://apps.shopify.com/cancellable . I also write articles about store customization that can improve your customer shopping experience here : Yagi Software Blog