Order Delivered Notification Received - but USPS Delivered to Agent for Final Delivery

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Hi everyone!


First, I would like to introduce myself as this is first post to community.


I'm Shaun with DrawDadDraw, a new business I'm starting with Dropshipping products displaying my own personalized art and branding - having been in art and logistics over 20 years.


I'm currently working on building the website up. I did some performance testing, and one of my task items I noted was that on a recent order, I received a notification that my order was delivered. The carrier was USPS.


When I looked up the tracking, the message stated that it delivered to a local agent. However, the Shop App stated it delivered and Google Maps showed my address.


The delivery happened to the Agent at 9:37P Central Time (Chicago.) USPS delivery does not occur on Sundays. So, I expect it will actually arrive Monday, December 12th.


As you can see - if I were a customer, I'd be upset or have my heart drop getting a notification it was delivered, but the actual product was nowhere to be found. Additionally, I do not wish to mislead customers, provoke unintentional notifications, or at least have notifications and Shop app accurately track the Tracking Number and info - at least for USPS.


I do not have my Shopify store setup to where customers choose the fulfillment or delivery options at this time. I'm still in the process of searching alternative suppliers, and the current shipping rates cant be displayed at checkout under my current Shopify Plan. So to work around that, I made a page that is transparent and lays that out for them along with a web link to the suppliers Shipping table.


Any review, time, resources or solutions offered here would be greatly valued. Thank you. 




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Shaun @ The DrawDadDraw Store
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