Order Details through API not showing up for 3PL to fufill properly

Order Details through API not showing up for 3PL to fufill properly

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Hello. I sent a test order from my funnel that my developers helped create but when the order came through it seems like it's not registering with Deliverr (3PL) that the sku's are regular items that it always fulfills. 




They don't know why the information isn't coming through properly so that's why I'm here.


The system they are using is built in the cloud but through Checkout Champ using Shopify's API. 

I am noticing that my regular orders in Shopify don't have as much information on each order that comes through but we're not sure if that can be manipulated via the API to Shopify. 


Please help!


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Hi Ivblls,

Here are a few things to check:

  1. SKU Mapping: Ensure that the SKU numbers in your Checkout Champ system, Shopify, and Deliverr are all properly aligned. Sometimes, discrepancies in SKU numbers can cause fulfillment issues.

  2. API Integration: Check the setup of your API integration. It's possible that there might be a problem with how the data is being transmitted from your system to Shopify and then on to Deliverr. Your developers might want to refer to Shopify's API documentation or Deliverr's API documentation to check if the integration is set up properly.

  3. Order Information: Make sure all necessary information is included in the order data sent to Shopify. If some essential information is missing (like the SKU, for example), then it could cause issues with fulfillment.

  4. Fulfillment Service Setup: Ensure that Deliverr is correctly set up as a fulfillment service in your Shopify settings. If not, orders might not be sent to Deliverr correctly.

  5. Webhook events: If your developers are using Shopify's API, they should check if they're correctly using the fulfillment_orders/ready_to_fulfill webhook to initiate fulfillments. It's recommended not to rely solely on the orders/create or order/paid webhook events to initiate fulfillments.

Hope this helps!

Liam | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 
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