Order fulfillment API issues - Multple locations vs App location

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We seem to be having an issue following updating our app to the order fulfillment API. We have physical stock, in two locations, UK and Spain. Each site has a large number of the same products, UK fulfills and ships to UK, Spain fulfills and ships to Europe. The UK is managed by our new order fulfillment custom app, and Spain is managed manually. We have an exisiting location with inventory, which we will effectively clear down and move in to the new order fulfillment app location, swapping out the old with the new. As it is, we have the products set up as "Inventory will be stocked at" multiple locations, and a volume of inventory in each, I can see the two locations in the product page, and when I click edit locations, I can tick/untick the different locations set up.


So, we add the new app successfuly, and my thinking would be, reduce the inventory at the current UK location, allow our WMS to push the new (same) inventory to the app location, and then select the app from the edit locations, and deselect the old location. My problem is, the new app location is not in the list of locations? Although it is in the locations in settings, clearly sat there under "App locations"


I'm a little stumped as to why we wouldn't be able to ship the same products, from different locations, one using an app using the order fulfillment API, and one shipping as a physical location?


Any help would be great! 🙂

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