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Order fulfillment via API and by-pass fulfillment service

Shopify Partner
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Hi All,


I am currently using Oberlo with Shopify to synchronise products and inventory. The "Inventory managed by" is set to Oberlo. When I receive the orders, the fulfilment service within order and order items is already filled with Oberlo.


To fulfill the orders, I want to do it on my own through my drop shipping partner and without using Oberlo. Hence, I want to update orders to fulfilled, and put their tracking info, all via the Admin API. 


Shopify doesn't allow me to do this as all fulfilment API calls makes the order go in Request Shipment and someone has to login in manage this within Oberlol. Is there a way I can fulfill the orders directly and by-pass the fulfillment service and the need to use Oberlo fulfilment options?





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