Order is confirmed when a direct payment by QR code is cancelled

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Hi there,


We are using a payment gateway called 2C2P to process direct payments by QR Code on our website. We are particularly leveraging 2 payment methods: PayNow in Singapore, and PayMe in Hong Kong.


We are facing an issue when users cancel the payment process: the "thank you for your order" email is still triggered. 

Even though this email mentions that "You'll get a confirmation email after completing your payment" we know most customers won't see it and think their order is complete.

The impact for us is having to deal with an increase in customer email inquiries asking about the status of their order.


Is there a way to change this? We already checked with 2C2P and their view is that the issue is with Shopify.


FYI here is how to reproduce the issue:

  • Select 2C2P as payment method
  • Wait until the QR is displayed
  • Click on "cancel"
  • On the next screen, click on "return to merchant website"

Thank you for your support,


The Aktyva team

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