Order marked as Low Risk BUT - Billing street address doesn't match credit card's registered address

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Hi, today I've received an order that's marked as Low risk from Shopify. The detailed characteristics can be seen on the screenshot. What worries me that the Billing street address doesn't match credit card's registered address. The Fraud analysis shows that the Billing address ZIP or postal code matches with the credit card's registered address, so I assume the customer just didn't put the specific billing address related to the card and marked it as "Same as delivery address" upon placing their order? What do you think about this case and what will be the best way to protect my business against a possible chargeback case?

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Hi @Nick-K 

There could be several reasons why the billing address does not match with the CC address as you have pointed out and it's very hard to judge an order with limited data. 

A safe method is to verify the customer by just contacting them directly and see what they have to say. Let them know that you want to re-confirm their billing address, The best way is to call them directly on the phone to see if they answer at all.

I've also written a piece of what you should look out for when checking order for any risk factors. https://medium.com/@jason_80572/five-things-you-can-look-at-to-prevent-fraud-orders-from-happening-t...

I hope this helps you. 


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Thank you for your reply! I've contacted the customer and got their ID verified so you can consider the case as solved.

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@Nick-K Happy for you and your customer! I love to see when falsely flagged "risky" orders are saved by ID verification.

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