Orders can be refunded with PayPal although the PayPal account was removed from Shopify

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Hello Community,


We are planning to sell a store of us to an investor but we have the following problem that we have been testing internally with a scenario reconstructing a real ownership transfer:


Before the ownership transfer the shopify store is connected to a paypal account as a payment method, customer can checkout using paypal. Before we did the ownership transfer we removed the paypal account as a payment method from the shopify store. Then we moved the ownership. If the new owner tried to do a refund on an old order through shopify (paypal order) it still works and goes through although the new owner does not and never had access to our old paypal account. Any idea how we can prevent this? Of course we manually manage refunds but we are a little scared that the new owner for whatever reason "refund everything".


Thank you in advance




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