orders not being fulfilled

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I am getting complaints from customers in my shopify store regarding products they have purchased, paid for and they have not received.

I have requested fulfillment and it reads "in process".  Some of these orders are from October!

I was told the dropshipper would email when I contacted shopify support over a week ago and still have not heard anything.  This is awful for a new business.  

This will ruin my reputation before my company even gets going.  How can I expect return customers and future customers if I can't count on the dropshipper to hold up their end of this business transaction?

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You need to communicate with your dropshipper, get them on the phone and figure out what's going on. If they aren't easy to do business with, or not fulfilling orders according to the terms you agreed to, find a new supplier.


From the customer point of view, you are the one handling everything, so it's your responsibility to find reliable manufacturers / suppliers to get your customers quality product in a reasonable time frame.

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