Orders, number given is misleading

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Is there a way to change what is considered to be shown as "Orders" in the side bar (right under "Home")?


It's highly confusing, because the number also includes refunded or cancelled orders that remain unfulfilled for eternity, and there's no way to fulfill them. Frankly, they shouldn't be fulfilled, because they aren't.


The unarchiving, marking as fulfilled and archiving solution doesn't work to get the orders removed from the total orders. It's really annoying you need to keep track of completed, unfulfilled orders, to see at first glance how many new orders came in by subtraction of that number in your head.


Filtered reports also are not of use, since no sum of orders is shown. It's really inconvenient to use filtered view "unfulfilled, open orders" and get an Excel export... We're just trying to get an actual count here, no rocket science, but Shopify cannot show a simple number. I don't want to count them by hand over multiple pages, so Excel is the only way.


Shopify is currently only able to tell me 50+ orders matching your search, not an exact number. A simple and exact row count would be enough.

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