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Hello everyone
I'm just creating my store. The store is not finished yet and is unpublished, so if you want to visit it use the password: nobody.


In fact, this is not a store but a website for accepting orders for PCB production.

Until now, the general concept of ordering looked like this:

  1. the customer completes the order form (on the home page) and adds it to the cart
  2. places an order and goes to the checkout
  3. the customer complete shipping data, select the delivery and payment method and process the entire order.
  4. I (store administrator) receive a notification about the order and its payment

However, I want to be able to verify and accept each order before paying for it.


I think one of the solutions might be to use a draft order.
Here's what I did:

  1. To eliminate the possibility of a customer making a mistake in the ordering process, I left only one "Manual payment methods" active. In principle, this method is information that the price given is only a proposal of the price that will be subject to verification and acceptance.
  2.  The customer may go through the ordering process as before but will not be asked to pay for the order.
  3. I will receive an unpaid order, which I will verify. I will then make a draft order and send an invoice to the customer.

However, as I mentioned earlier, I have enabled one active payment method (for transparency). And this is the main problem of this solution.


Is it possible to assign a dedicated payment method to pay for a draft order?

Maybe I went in the wrong direction and there is a simpler solution?


Does anyone have suggestions on how to solve this problem?

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Hi, there. 

Ren here from the Shopify support team - thanks for your question! It sounds like you might want to look into some of our Form Builder apps. While generally designed for wholesale use, you can browse a variety of options to find one suited to your needs. Many of the forms allow for complete customizations. Once you receive a form/request, you can work up a draft order, make any necessary changes and send the invoice on it's way. Check out all of the app options here.

Another option would be to configure your settings to capture funds manually. This means you'll need to physically by clicking a "capture payment" button. This would allow time for you to review an order before a payment is processed. Making changes however would mean cancelling the order and sending an invoice. This is a nice option if you don't think you'll need to adjust many orders, only the odd one here or there. Another bonus is the ability to capture payments in bulk if need be.  Learn how to configure those settings here. 


Let me know what you think of those options! 


Ren | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi @Ren!

I just stumbled upon your answer on this thread because I have a client who needs a similar feature for their store. Unfortunately, the second link you posted seems to be the same as the first one. Is this option still available in Shopify or will it be necessary to use an App?

Thanks a lot!