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Orders with products from different shipping rates charging too much

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I have two sets of shipping rates. One for general items, and a 2nd for our heavier media products. Unfortunately, we people place an order with products from both, it adds those shipping rates together and charges too much. In fact, it takes the combined weight of ALL items, and then picks the appropriate cost from each shipping rate and charges that high amount, resulting in very high shipping! Any way to change how the system calculates this? 

Here's more specifics if that helps:

General Shipping Rate

0-13 ounces: $3

13 ounces+: $8


Media Shipping Rates:
0-18 ounces: $3

Priority Mail (all weights): $8


When someone orders an item from each category, it weighs more than 1lb, so it picks Priorty Mail for both and chargs $16! I would be fine it just picked the correct weight by Shipping Rate and did ($3+$3)=$6. 

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Hi @EBBirth,

Unfortunately, this is a limitation with Shopify's Profiles. It's is designed to simply blend rates from multiple profiles into a single rate whenever products from multiple profiles are in the cart. This is, unfortunately, not always the desired outcome.

If you're open to considering a third-party solution, Intuitive Shipping lets you have more control over your rates. You can create multiple Scenarios - similar to Profiles but with much greater control and flexibility - and set it up the way you've described, where it calculates the rate based on the weight of each product group (rather than the whole weight), then blends both together. Or, you can establish your media products as the dominant product so that when a customer adds one of those products to the cart, the rate assigned to the media products takes precedence, and the entire order is calculated using those rates instead.

If you're interested in learning more about Intuitive Shipping, please feel free to book a one-on-one demo with one of our team members who will be happy to demonstrate these setups and answer any questions you might have. 

A couple of things you should be aware of:

First, Intuitive Shipping is intended to work with just one General Profile in Shopify. Our Scenarios can do everything Profiles can do and more. Having more than one Profile may result in similar issues you're experiencing now.

Second, when using any third-party rate calculator, including Intuitive Shipping, Shopify requires you to have their third-party calculated shipping feature enabled. If you're on either the 'Basic' or 'Shopify' plan, this feature costs USD $20/ month. If you switch to annual billing, Shopify will include the feature at no extra cost and give you 10% off the plan. If you're on the 'Advanced' plan or higher, the feature is already included.

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Hello @EBBirth,

 If the checkout page is showing high shipping rates, this is because of the combined rates of the carrier due to different shipping profiles.

Have you created any shipping profiles for products?

If you had added all the products under one common category then this wouldn’t have happened, the shipping rates are calculated as $6 on the checkout page.

An alternative workaround for this would be creating a custom box for each product, so that for a specific product the right box is used to pack then this would result in separate shipping charges which will come out as $6.

By the box packing method of the multi-carrier shipping label app, you can create custom boxes for each product and the app will automatically choose the right box to give approximate rates by calculating shipping rates for each order individually at the checkout. Also, automates the display of shipping services from the carrier and chooses the cheapest shipping option.

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