Out for local delivery notifications

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We only have an online store.  We offer local deliveries for addresses close to where we stock our inventory and operate the online store.  We have checked the boxes under notifications next to "Out for local delivery" and "Delivered" in the Local Delivery section of the Notifications page.  We are using no apps with our store currently.

When we mark a local delivery as "delivered", the customer gets the "Delivered" email says that the local delivery of their order has been delivered (and text if customer signed up for text notifications).

However, when we mark an order for local delivery as "Ready for delivery", the customer nets no notification (email or text).  I thought that making the order as "Ready for delivery" would automatically trigger the "Out for delivery' notification to the customer.    

The timeline for the order reflects the issuance of the "Delivered" notification to the customer but there is no entry for sending the customer an "Out for delivery" notification on local delivery orders.

What triggers and when is the "Out for Delivery" for  local deliveries notification sent to the customer?

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Just had a merchant of mine have the same issue where she wants to trigger the notification from the orders page.

The only way she's found to do it is through the Shopify local delivery app but it's troublesome to go through that process and it would be much better to trigger the notification from the orders page. We're also looking to know if this is a bug or if there's another way to trigger the "out for local delivery" notification.

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Kyle – many thanks for your reply.  I appreciate you looking into if this is system bug or is only available by using the Shopify local delivery app.  There is nothing that indicates that this functionality is only available versus the Shopify local delivery app that I recall.  If it is only available via the app, then the Admin – Notifications page needs to be updated so users will know this and the related notifications help papers updated also.  Thanks again and I look forward to hearing what you find out about is functionality.


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Kyle - I have just found out that the "Out for delivery" notification under Notifications - Shipping is not working either.  Customer received  the "Shipping confirmation" and the "Delivered" email and text notifications but not the "Out for delivery" notifications.  Shipment was via USPS.   I have a couple shipments on their way to me (one UPS and a two via USPS) and I will know about which notifications I receive later in the week.

The "Out for delivery" Shipping notification should have nothing to do with Shopify local delivery app so I think there is a software bug with the "Out for delivery" notifications (Shipping and Local delivery).



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Kyle - I now have been able to document the order confirmation, shipping, out for delivery and delivered email and text notifications sent per the order timelines and what was received by the customer on five orders - four shipped to me (1 by UPS, 1 by USPS Priority Mail and 2 by USPS First Class mail) and one shipped to a friend via USPS First Class mail.  I have attached the documentation on the numerous notification issues (more with text messages vs email notifications) I identified.  I assume I should send this to Shopify Help but was not sure if you have already opened a ticket with them on my original issue.

The documentation includes
• Matrix in Excel of the notifications by order the system should have sent, the system says were sent and the notifications received for the 5 shipments
• Word document with screen prints and notes added to Timeline notifications for the 4 orders that had issues

Main issues are:
 • Order confirmation notifications
      o Email confirmations seem to be working as intended
      o A couple instances where text message is not shown as generated in order timeline nor one received by customer (it is unclear to me if an order confirmation text message is supposed to be 

            generated when an order is placed)
      o One instance of timeline showing text message sent but was not received by customer
      o Only time an order confirmation was sent per the timeline and received by customer was when an order confirmation was resent via the timeline; however another time a resent confirmation was 

           resent and a text shown as sent per the timeline but not received by the customer
• Order Shipped notifications
      o All the notifications (text and email) worked but one test was not received by customer [Help Center told me that our store configuration was set up correctly and as they had had no other

           complaints, that either the customer’s carrier or phone was blocking – I will be with the customer who is a friend and check out her phone settings in about 12 days]
• Order Out for Delivery notifications – generally not working as intended
      o Only one instance where timeline says email notification was sent and customer received it
      o All other instances there was no notification (email or text) shown as sent on the order time line or received by customer
• Order delivered notifications
      o One instance where the order sent via UPS shows order pending in Shopify order page a day after it was delivered (and UPS system shows delivered)
           - I think this caused there to be no Out for Delivery or Delivered emails or texts generated by Shopify or received by customer
      o Two USPS orders had an email notification (received by customer) but no text notification sent per the Timeline (no text received by customer)