Overriding Different Shipping Rates at Checkout for Multiple Products

Overriding Different Shipping Rates at Checkout for Multiple Products

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I have two different types of products on my store that have different shipping requirements/rates/pricing when ordered individually but have the same shipping requirements/rates/pricing when ordered together. For instance, I have seed packets that weigh less than an ounce and can fit into a manila envelope. Shipping the seeds by themselves in the envelope would cost significantly less than shipping a package with a bag of soil in it. In that case, having different rates for the two items makes sense. However, I would like to have it so if a customer were to order both the bag of soil and the seeds on the same shipment, the shipping rate for the seeds would be "overridden" by the bag of soil's shipping rate. If both were shipped together, they would both be placed in the same large box, so there would be no need to charge the customer twice for each of the items' shipping rates.


Is there a way to implement this idea on checkout?


What I've done so far is create two different shipping profiles for the products. When I go to checkout, the two different shipping rates are combined when those two products are ordered together, and the customer is charged for both rates. Is there a way to have the customer be charged just for the larger item's shipping rate? Thanks.

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Hey @Greenthumb1953 


What you are attempting to do is not possible with just Shopify's shipping. This would require a Third Party Rate Provider (such as ourselves, Intuitive Shipping) In our app you can have the cost of the seeds be charged as is, when it is only seeds, and the soil price take over if both are in the cart. 


Please do note, that when using a third-party rate provider, a Third-Party Rate Calculator will be required to have access. This is a mandatory requirement from Shopify. The plan level must be Shopify Level or above and could carry a cost of $20 a month if you pay for your Shopify plan subscription monthly. 


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.




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Hello @Greenthumb1953 ,


Shipping rates are combined when you have products from multiple shipping profiles added to the cart. This applies even if you are using an app.


One alternative suggestion is to use only one shipping profile, assign a weight to each product, and configure shipping rates based on weight ranges.

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Hi @Greenthumb1953 ,

Using ShipMagic app, you can achieve to show only the higher shipping rate when items from 2 profiles are added in cart. Moreover this solution will work on all Shopify plans including the Basic one.


You can install the app and reach out to live chat support present inside the app for more assistance on setting up the app.

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I can see someone has suggested ShipMagic as a solution - I'll offer Starshipit as another if that one doesn't fit your requirements. There's a lot more other functionality in there, but it can do what you're asking. Happy to answer any questions!

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