Packing list not showing unfulfilled/restocked items

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Hi, would anyone know the code to modify the standard Packing List template so that it would show the entire order including unfulfilled / restocked items with quantity as 0 of 1 supplied?

Currently it drops off any unfulfilled items and just states "There are other items from your order not included in this shipment." This is for a greengrocer, so one order can have 40 line items and it's very painful for the customer to be comparing their packing list against the automatic order confirmation to figure out which items were not supplied, hence would simply like to show ALL order items and if a line was unfulfilled / restocked, then simply show in Quantity supplied column 0 of 1. In this business, customer credit card is charged only after fulfilment so customer only pays for what they actually receive (hence refund notification does not make sense either - says refunded but all amounts stay the same).

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Sorry, I can't help, just commenting to say that I am looking for this feature as well. We are distributing paint chips to paint stores and there are often unfulfilled items because of the low value of the product and not going into production very often, so we consider these unfulfilled orders as complete. It would be great to give an easy way for our customer to know which chips were not included so that they can order them again in the future.

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Hey @RickD and @Satu , I had the same problem.  It's not perfect, but here's the code I inserted toward the bottom of my shipping confirmation email to tell the customer which items are not coming in that delivery. Hope this is helpful!



{% if fulfillment_status == 'partial' %}               
<h3>The following items from your order are not included in this particular delivery.  If you have not already received them in a previous delivery we will refund the difference to your card, and apologize for not having it/them available.</h3>
{% for item in line_items %}
  {% assign found_item = false %}
  {% for fulfilled_item in fulfillment.fulfillment_line_items %}
    {% if == %}
      {% assign found_item = true %}
      {% unless item.quantity == fulfilled_item.quantity %}
{{ item.title }}: {{ item.quantity | minus: fulfilled_item.quantity }}</li>
      {% endunless %}
    {% endif %}
  {% endfor %}
  {% unless found_item %}
  <li>{{ item.title }}: {{ item.quantity }}</li>
  {% endunless %}
{% endfor %}

{% endif %}