Packing Slip is not fully printing on 4x6 label

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I am having an issue that my packing slip is missing some of the information on the right hand side, it seems to be set too wide.  I cannot figure out in the code how do I make the width 4".  It is cutting off at least two letters on the right side, so while it shows the ordered quantity it doesn't show the fulfilled.  My test packing slip displays it, just cannot get it to print that way? How do I center my packing slip and make sure it all prints on the 4x6 label.

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Ah, the classic case of the packing slip not quite fitting on those 4x6 labels. It's like trying to squeeze into your favorite jeans after Thanksgiving dinner – just not happening. But fear not, my friend, because there's a simple solution to this printing predicament.


First things first, let's check your printer settings. Sometimes, printers default to a certain paper size or layout that doesn't quite match up with your labels. So, head on over to your printer settings and make sure you've selected the correct paper size – in this case, 4x6 inches.