Paper size not setting for shipping labels and packing slips

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There has to be a way to do this.

I have Shopify set to print shipping labels on 4X6 paper and Packing slips on 8.5x11 paper.


When I select print, I get a new tab in my browser and the everything will print on the default size set for the printer (typically 8.5x11).  I have to manually go change settings on the printer to 4x6 every time I print a label.


Other programs (Word, photoshop, etc) embed the paper size in the print job and the printer alerts me to insert that custom size in the manual feed tray.  This is exactly what I want Shopify labels to do. 


Why, even though I have them set to print on 4x6, do Shopify labels print full size on 8.5x11?  How can I change this?

I am using edge.  This may be an edge issue and not a Shopify issue...



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Hello @IronCladfamily ,


You can experiment with the "Print using System dialogue" option to verify if the problem is associated with Edge, although it's unlikely. Shopify settings primarily pertain to image size, while the paper size ultimately depends on the printer settings.


Alternatively, you can opt for a 4x6 size for both labels and packing slips. You can customize the packing slip template to accommodate the smaller size effectively.


Another possibility is to employ two different printers—one for 4x6 and another for 8.5x11.

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