Partial delivery and invoicing

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We have very often orders which we split in several shipments and would like to invoice as we ship.

I know we can just make one order into several single orders but we do not always know up front what to ship when.

Is there an app or a simple way to invoice based on a partial delivery (and only invoice what is delivered)?

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I am interested in a better invoicing app as well.  Invoicing has been the most challenging aspect of moving to Shopify Plus.  Shopify has all the information but getting an invoice out that is accurate and meets the scenarios of a complicated business has been a nightmare honestly.  It is simple math.

We use Simplio for the scenario you are talking about.  It has the option to show fulfillment they see the whole order....but it shows what has fulfilled.  We tag all orders needing an invoice when they are created using FLOW.  We filter orders using this tag and payment status and fullfillment status. This gives us all order that need just one invoice, which we bulk send.  And all invoices that need a second invoice, for these we bulk send and tag with Needs2ndInvoice.  Then when the fullfillment status changes we send the second invoice.  This works great for credit card orders and takes about 5 minutes a day total. 

For net 30 payment terms we have different process unfortunately.

Would love a new invoicing app........better yet Shopify should add it to be native and allow Net 30 payments native to shopify.  They could capture a tone of revenue and simplify this for us.

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Hey, we've been working on an app to solve these problems. If you're still looking for a solution ping me:!

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We need to enable invoicing of partial / incomplete orders. Currently an invoice includes fulfilled and unfulfilled items. We would like to invoice for items when they are fulfilled. That means we need an app that is smart enough to track order items that have previously been fulfilled and invoiced so that subsequent fulfillments do not invoice for previously fulfilled order items. We can customize an invoice template in the Shopify Order Printer app to only print an invoice for fulfilled items. However, there does not appear to be a way to logically differentiate between current partial fulfillment of the order versus previous partial fulfillments of the order. There has to be an app or a simple way to get this functionality. Any and all suggestions are appreciated.