Partially fulfilling a local delivery order

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I only accet local delivery through my store and I am using the new Shopify local delivery function to facilitate this.

I need however a way to be able to partially fulfill an order that comes thgrough with this shipping method.

There doesn't appear to be an option.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated


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Hi Guys,


Did anyone answer this? I desperately need to know this as i offer local delivery and in some instances, preordered products need to be deselected during fulfillment of the "in stock" items? Help?

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I would love to know how to do this too.

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I also need to know how to partially fulfil orders that are linked to local delivery.

We just had process near 6000 items sold through about 300 orders, and we had to keep track of fulfilment in an excel sheet because there is no such partial fulfilment for local delivery.

This has been a substantial additional expense and waste of resource to our business, not to mention error prone as well.

Shopify, why is this functionality not available?

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I contacted support about this and they said that Local Delivery is only designed for products that are in stock:

I looked into this for you and local delivery is only available for products that are in stock, so what you would like to do is not currently possible in this system. I can submit a feature request for you. Our developers look at every one that we send up. There is no guarantee that this will become a feature of Shopify in the future but you can keep an eye on our updates here.

It may be worth you contacting them with a feature request too. To help raise awareness about this feature.

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Its my understanding that fulfilment process is a different process to the shipping process under which local delivery delivery falls. 

And good software design would have these processes [fulfilment and shipping] decoupled.

So with this in mind Im struggling to see how these are tied together, and why the fulfilment process has a dependancy on a shipping process [local delivery]?

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I've also noticed that it's not possible to edit Local Delivery orders. This is a bit frustrating as it's possible to edit other order types. I means creating new orders any time a customer wants to add (or remove) products.

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Hi everyone and most importantly Shopify - The problem of not being able to partially fulfil local pick up orders is a problem for any store that offers curbside pickup or online order with in-store pickup. It is very challenging to accurately keep track of partially filled orders, and it is not unusual to only have part of an order ready but have the customer pickup. It would make so much more sense if the local pick up functioned like shipping orders, where each line item can be partially fulfilled and therefore accurately tracked. when not just make these two systems align? The current system creates lots of room for errors and when it is busy, it is hard for staff to keep up with adding manual notes to each order as customers partially pickup. Particularly during COVID times, there are constant backorders on goods and we run into this issue many times a day in our store. Customers are also left confused, as they don't see our in-store notes and may not understand why their order looks incomplete. 

Please address this soon.

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Thank you @SageGarden for articulating the issue so nicely.

Its nearing a year and no response from Shopify. 

If there is no intent to provide this, then perhaps indicate this to merchants/ shop builders as we are trying to run effective business on your platform.

Being silent on the matter doesnt help anyone. If the merchants struggle with such business problems, then shopify as the ecommerce platform will also ultimately suffer.


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Any update on this? Is there any app we can use instead of the Shopify local delivery app.

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I'm working on an app like this. 

Roughly how many orders does this affect for you each month? 

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